ART Pen Pals



HHS Advanced Art and AP Studio Art Students


Advanced Art and AP Studio Art students have begun an art exchange endeavor with students across the country.  We sent postcards to seventh grade students at Sedwick Elementary School in Sedwick, Maine.  Once those students receive their awesome post cards from HHS students (see some below), they will create their own to send back and the correspondence will continue throughout the school year.  We will do a variety of art exchanges-so come back to the news page to see what we are up to next month!!!

A New Start!!!!!

Well, here we find ourselves once again at the beginning of a new school year.  Jewelry kits have been checked out, designing has begun and we are ready to rock and roll!!!  The room got a little redo over the summer and it looks great!!!


Advanced Art and AP students have turned in their summer assignments and have begun the research stage of their first assignment.

It is going to be a great year!!!!!!


Many art students continue to work on their artwork over the summer and sometimes it really pays off!  14095835_1066734080089095_5848181007779435860_nCongratulations to Catherine Guevara for her Superintendent’s Award in the Benton County Fair last month!!!

Off to a Great Start!!

We have had a great start to the year and room 1312 has been a buzz with creativity!

Jewelry I students have completed their first project-modern day versions of the fibula.

Jewelry II students are wrapping up their textured, layered and riveted cuffs.

Studio II students have turned in their amazing first projects focusing on creating space on a 2-D surface in their cloth, sphere and person drawings.

Advanced Art and AP Studio Art students have been madly working on two pieces for two different contests.  See our activities page here for more images and information.