Screen shot 2015-06-27 at 1.17.58 PMHere at Hanford High School we are very proud of the offerings and quality of instruction in all our art classes.  Each year our students receive a significant number of awards, recognitions and scholarships.  Our curriculum is designed to give students a solid foundation of basic skills before progressing to higher level art courses. Depending on student interest, skills and goals the class offerings expand at the next level.  Please see the drop down menu for this page and click on the titles for full descriptions, instructors and class syllabi.

How To Begin Your Artistic Journey at Hanford High

#1 Sign-up for a beginning level art class in your Freshman year!  Don’t wait until later, because if you decide you want to progress to Advanced Art and/or AP Studio Art you may not be able to fit it into your schedule.  Feel free to contact me, Mrs. Muntean, or Mr. Rader for course planning questions you may have.

Beginning level courses:  Studio I and Jewelry/Metals I

#2  Next, sign-up for an intermediate course either second semester your Freshman year or the first semester of Sophomore year.  If you are on the road to artistic genius then you want to be able to take as many fine art classes that you can!!

Intermediate level courses:  Studio II, 3-D Design/Ceramics I, Jewelry/Metals II

#3  Then sign-up for an advanced level course.  If you wish to take Advanced Art it is best to start that the first semester of your Junior year and then also sign-up for second semester all well.  I treat it like a year long class.  If you start second semester you will be starting in the middle and be very lost.  If you want to take another art class Sophomore year take one of the other choices below second semester after you have completed an intermediate class.

Advanced level courses:  Advanced Art, Advanced Jewelry/Metals,

and 3-D Design/Ceramics II

#4  Finally –this is the big one!!–you sign-up for AP Studio Art your senior year to develop an incredible portfolio for college applications and to earn college credit for a very low price.  Best of all, you get to be part of an awesome Art Club at Hanford High!

Pie in the sky level classes :):  AP Studio Art –Drawing Portfolio, 2-D Design Portfolio and 3-D Design Portfolio

Can’t wait for you to join us!!!!

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