Ceramics/ 3-D Design III /Independent Study

art show and all projects 20112012 530Ceramics/3-D Design 3 –Independent Study

  • Prerequisite: Ceramics/3-D Design 1 & 2 or teacher approval
  • Open to: Grades 10-12
  • Length/Credit: Semester / .5 credit
  • Satisfies: .5 Fine Arts or .5 Elective

This class is intended for students showing superior strength in 3-D composition. Students are expected to continue to explore while demonstrating understanding of the principles of design and their applications to 3-D media. Students will complete a body of work that shows development of a visual language appropriate for 3-D design. Project commitments are contracted with the instructor. Students may repeat this class indefinitely with the teacher’s approval although it is highly suggested that students at this level take AP Studio Art 3-D Portfolio in conjunction with or instead of this course.  Please see instructor for individualized syllabus or view the AP Studio Art general syllabus here and the specific AP 3-D Design syllabus here.

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